About KRWM

Korca Regional Waste Management Company is a joint-stock company owned by all 6 municipalities of Korca region. It was established on 05 June 2008 with the aim of providing waste management services jointly, regionally and efficiently to all its member administrations. Its creation concluded the will of the municipalities to have one entity to administer the regional waste management system, including the operation of regional facilities and organization of long-distance transport.

During the first years, our staff – kernel of today’s company – served as a project executing agency for the Solid Waste Management project in South-East Albania, in framework of the German – Albanian cooperation, financed through the German Development Bank KfW. During the bridging and first implementation phases, we prepared the grounds for the establishment of a regional system and construction of the sanitary landfill in Maliq. The design and construction of a state-of-art landfill was the main focus of the second implementation phase, while consultancy support was received for the functional and organizational strengthening of the company.

Today KRWM is administering the regional sanitary landfill and two transfer stations in Devoll and Kolonja municipalities. It has grown into a fully operational company of 25 employees committed to ensure the effective and efficient operation of its facilities, according to the required technical and environmental standards.

A committed partner in the region

KRWM acts as a committed player to provide environment-friendly quality services in an integrated solid waste management system. Our services range from comprising transfer services and long-distance transport to waste disposal in the Region of Korca.

The Company’s mission is to provide environment-friendly quality services and resource efficiency in an integrated solid waste management system comprising transfer services, long-distance transport and waste disposal to the Region of Korca, in order to encourage and support recycling and contribute in waste reduction, thus improving the environmental standards and human health and safety.

The Company is authorized to administer and process the waste streams below:

  • Municipal waste (household waste, non-hazardous commercial, industrial and institutions waste) which is collected within the municipal waste management scheme.
  • Also in compliance with the landfill permit requirements and with the Albanian laws and regulations, other non-hazardous waste that is directly delivered to the landfill site (besides the types mentioned above, e.g. agricultural waste, construction and demolition waste, sludge from water treatment plants), if these waste streams have no negative impacts on the landfill operation and overall emissions.

Our values are:

  • transparency
  • comprehensiveness
  • reliability
  • cooperation with the community
  • partnerships
  • value for money
  • quality service
  • accountability

The overall goals of the company can be summarised in three areas:

Institutional Set-up: Build a resourceful, modern and high performing company that values shareholders, staff and customers, and capable to deliver vision, objectives and service quality

Operations: Ensure environmentally safe and cost-efficient regional waste transportation, reduction and disposal services

Financial Management: Build a financially sustainable company and ensure cost-effective service provision of exceptional value to customers and public.

In order to achieve these goals, several objectives have been determined and are monitored regularly.

KRWM has been set up as a functional organisation in which the staff is organised by functions with a hierarchical arrangement of lines of authority, communication, rights and duties. As of October 2020, KRWM employees 6 administrative staff, 15 technical staff for the operation of the landfill and 4 technical staff for the operation of the transfer stations.

The Shareholders’ Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the Company and is formed by all the shareholders of the Company. Ordinary Shareholders’ Meetings are convened at least once a year.

The Supervisory Board supervises how the Company is managed and takes decisions accordingly. Members of the Supervisory Board are elected for a term of two years by the Shareholders’ Assembly with a simple majority of votes of the shareholders present or represented. The Supervisory Board convenes at the KRWM premises at least once every three months or, in special cases, at the initiative of the Chairperson.

The establishment of the Company is based on the Law No 9901, dated 14.04.2008 “On Merchants and Commercial Companies”, and on the Law No 8652, dated 31.7.2000 “On the Organization and Functioning of Local Government” as well as other relevant by-laws, and is registered according to Law No 9723, dated 3.05.2007 “On the National Registration Centre”.

The main rules of the company’s organization and functioning are laid down in the Statute.

KRWM is a shareholding company with public capital owned by the municipalities of Korca region. The number of shares is proportionate to the population number of the respective municipalities.

KRWM member municipalities are:

Korca Municipality

Pogradec Municipality

Maliq Municipality

Devoll Municipality

Kolonja Municipality

Pustec Municipality

Our main partners in fulfilling our activities and objectives include:

  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy
  • Ministry of Tourism and Environment
  • KfW
  • AKUM
  • Consultants
  • National and Regional Environmental Agencies
  • Educational institutions
  • Media