We change the waste disposal system in Korçё Region

With the establishment of the regional sanitary landfill in Maliq, the operations at the numerous existing dumpsites in the region were stopped. Thus, the environmental impacts of uncontrolled waste dumping to soil, water, air and consequently to humans, plants, animals could be substantially reduced.

The regionalisation of waste treatment and disposal operations is also requested by the Albanian legislation as it allows the implementation of affordable and state-of-art modern waste management facilities with possibilities to avoid and monitor environmental impacts.

The National Sectorial Waste Management Plan foresees the implementation of waste treatment facilities in Korçё Region in the mid-term (2023-2027). With the responsibilities given us by our shareholders we are committed to design the future of regional waste management services in the region.

We operate the regional sanitary landfill

We ensure that an average of 140 tonnes of waste per day is disposed of in accordance with European standards. We control the waste deliveries in order to dispose only the waste which is allowed to be disposed in the landfill. The weight of every waste load is recorded for invoicing and future planning purposes. Various measures are taken to reduce odour emissions. The leachate from the landfill is treated with highest standards. The landfill gas, which is a climate killer, will be treated once the landfill produces sufficient gas quantities.

We operate the transfer stations in Devoll and Kolonja Municipalities

As the transport of waste with small waste collection vehicles is not economic, we operate two transfer stations in the region. At these transfer stations, the waste collection vehicles unload their waste into large transportation containers. Then the full containers are transported by our drivers and trucks to the landfill. Due to direct loading of waste into water tight containers with coverage, there are almost no emissions to environment. Of course, the waste deliveries at the transfer stations are also controlled and recorded.

We support the closure of existing dumpsites

Through the KfW and Consultants, we prepare closure concepts for the existing dumpsites. The concepts take into account both national legal requirements and recommendations from international practice. The main target is the minimisation of the further environmental impacts of existing dumpsites and remediation of the dumpsite locations.

We support our shareholders to improve their municipal waste management services

Waste management should be considered as an integrated system from the generation to the final disposal of waste. If only the citizens cooperate and the municipalities efficiently and effectively collect the waste, KRWM can provide sustainable regional services, such as transfer, treatment and disposal of waste. In order to protect our natural resources, save energy, and decrease costs of waste management, as much waste as possible must be collected separately and recycled. The recycling will also extend the life time of the landfill which has been constructed after a long procedure with high investments. Therefore, we cooperate with our shareholder municipalities to improve waste collection services, establish separate waste collection schemes, and in support of them organise awareness raising activities.