Welcome to Korca Regional Waste Management Company

We are here to provide sustainable and environmentally sound services for the citizens and municipalities of our region. We are on a mission to operate and sustain the regional waste management system, which provides regional solutions for the long-haul and final disposal of waste in the region.

While endeavouring to offer quality and cost-efficient services through our transfer stations and regional sanitary landfill, we remain faithful to the protection of the environment and human health.

Waste management is a rather new concept for the Albanian citizens, but in this era of rapid information spread and socio-cultural exchanges it is indispensable that we also become aware and conscientiously change or “restore” our behaviours. The environment starts right from our living room and stretches out to the streets and parks, to the valleys and fields, mountains and oceans. We need to ensure that it is worth and safe living in – for us and our children’s sake!

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Korca Municipality

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Devoll Municipality

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